Monday, March 31, 2008

Y (Did I Go?) Conference

What a boring FN conference! No wonder why the world will die from global warming. I couldn't help from falling asleep. From day 1 to almost the end of day 3 (i couldn't last another hour). Well, going out every night didn't help. Thanks Club Confidential!

How do you make this topic compelling for people, including myself, and get them involved? The best slogan was "Save the Earth, Kill Yourself!". Funny, but extreme enough thats memorable to perhaps get people thinking. I really don't know... I honestly don't know if I care. At this time money is all the green I know. Selfish but true. I know there are a few of you on the same boat. This conference had TMI and speakers who should not speak. The message, however, is clear that this is something that will require some thinking. So I don't know what I'm gonna do, yet. Important word "yet".

Things that stuck out: Great bookstore (bought 10 new books!), MC was funny and said "Shit" a lot, the manure guy will be filthy rich, the Art Center guy is cool, the Zipcar lady is genius weird, and the Satellite Lounge(get work done and tune out if the topic is too unsustainable). The best was at 6 am when my cousin sleepwalked out of the hotel room, entered the elevator, went downstairs then woke up in a t-shirt, black briefs and tube socks. Needless to say he found his way back to our room and went back to sleep... Thanks Tony for the laugh!

In the theme of recycling we created a new pitch that was more green:

Sunday, March 23, 2008

OC Ad Awards

I don't know why advertising people are portrayed on film and television as snobby and pretentious. I went to the Orange County Ad Awards yesterday and I was treated with the upmost respect. Even when I walked in on the red carpet with an orange tuxedo. I was an Addy virgin and everyone was so nice to welcome me. Much to my delight our firm won the Gold ADDY Award for the 3-D Single Direct Marketing category! This was great for it was our first year to enter and this was the only thing we entered! The piece that won was a brochure/direct mailer for El Rey Theatre run by Goldenvoice, an Anschutz Entertainment Group company. We wanted to create an intimate piece that not only touched on the history and heritage but the new amenities Goldenvoice has spent the last few years improving for this great venue. We love Goldenvoice and the trusted freedom. I'm really happy with the final result and the accolades we have been receiving. Thanks to the Orange County ad community and Main Graphics who printed the piece and paid for my way.